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 Banking in Aruba – Rant 08/23/17

Banking online has been a nightmare here.  Goldman Sachs has completely blocked our online access due to our location. (Too close to Venezuela?)  Chase has decided to not process a check I wrote to our CPA due to “inconsistent activity,” even though the check I wrote 2 weeks prior to the same CPA went through with no problem.  (I am not sure about their definition of consistent activity.  It certainly seems opposite of what I believe it means.) They could not tell me this with their “Secure Messaging” online or even via email, for my “protection”.  Only by telephone.  Which, of course, we have no phone, only a satellite texter.  Wells Fargo has decided that it would be to our benefit to randomly change our business accounts from ones with no fees to ones with fees. When asked why, the manager said that we had to have initiated the process.  REALLY?? Of course we did not.  This is the second time in 2 years they have done this.  We will be cancelling those accounts. Synchrony Bank has decided we need to have original signature cards on file to not charge us 28% withholding tax.  Nope. Cannot do it by email or fax.  So, we are taking the hit until friends of our boat neighbors visit at the end of August, who can put the signature paperwork in the US mail when they return.  Oh, and the only way to access those accounts online is to have a security code sent to us to the only phone number the credit agencies seem to have on file for us…Our old Silver Plume house phone number, which has not been active for over 5 years.  Could they send it to our texter phone number? Nope.  It isn’t a normal 10 digit phone number. However, we finally worked it out that they would send a letter to the in-laws in Ohio with a security code, which was emailed to us, and then we could CALL again, and get the account set up properly.  Capital One decided to cancel Mark’s credit card the day we were leaving from the states to go back to Aruba for a fraudulent transaction.  I was trying to deal with that while in the airports. They would not mail a new card outside the US.  Then, once we were back in Aruba, we needed to call them immediately to provide our business tax ID numbers again or they will cancel the accounts by the end of July.  Any transaction we do with our Fidelity account seems to need additional approval from us via a phone as well.  However, since it is a small town bank, they will actually deal with us by email, once we explained the situation. Nothing is ever easy.  Rectifying these items has taken over a month.  All I can say is to have multiple accounts from multiple banks because at any given point in time, one will decide to do you a favor and shut your fund access down for your protection. (Rant Over.)

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