Problems with our Lagoon

Well, we wanted a fixer-upper, right??

Yanmar SD4o Saildrives – The Bain of Mark’s Existence

Lack of Support from Lagoon France

Hull spidercracking and leaking above and below waterline – The Bain of Angie’s Existence

Thin gelcoat

Thin hull (1/8 inch) in areas

Thruhull replacements

Craized windows

Salon sliding door problems, in more ways than one

Engine soundproofing deteriation

No rubrail

Electrical spaghetti

No way to drain engine hull compartment (Engine Hoses do NOT leak or pop off- why would we need to drain that section of the hull into the bilge???)

Fiberglass keel insert “sandwich” improper mold alignment-separation/gaps in fiberglass between keel and hull

Hull holes for above problem never sealed or fiberglassed over-created another problem

Hinges degenerating and breaking  (no  easy replacements)

Water storage tank VDO sending unit inoperable, waiting 4 years for replacement

Poor quality plumbing fixtures and piping

Bedding on bimini and stanchion supports subpar – Just one stiff wind….over 50 knots (They survived 50 so far)

So, WHY did we buy a Lagoon?????

It became our Home


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