Mark (El Capitain)


Prior to moving onto Uno Mas, Mark (Mechanical Engineer) and Angie started Mech Tech, a mechanical contracting company specializing in High Efficiency Boiler and Forced Air system replacement and service, and lately, solar thermal systems in Colorado. This year’s boiler replacements alone (2013) saved their clients over $85,000 in gas bills. Mark used to race Dodge GT1 Vipers in wheel to wheel racing in the Viper Racing League. Over the 7 years of racing, he amassed stacks of trophies and 2 National Championships. After stopping his amateur racing career, he moved into instructing new racers and finally chief steward position in the series he was racing in.  He also was chief steward for a junior karting series in Colorado for a while.

Sailing started for Mark in middle school with a homemade sailboat, which was used less than a half a dozen times. After a few power boats, a McGregor Venture was purchased and sailed on Lake Dillon, Colorado for a few years. Uno Mas was purchased in 2009.  (I don’t know why they required us to have an official boat captain to move it for the first year.  Something about insurance….)

Mark is the one who is mostly setting up the website.

Angie (Elle Deck Swab, Interior Swab, General, Overall Swab)

Angie at the Helm

Angie (degrees in Accounting and Finance), who takes care of the books for Mech Tech, has acquired multiple hands on skills working in the field with Mech Tech, from running crews to designing mechanical systems, installing ducting systems, soldering pipe and installing controls.  (Mark is very proud) She also  works the real estate side of our stuff, from buying and selling to short term rental management. Angie also raced Dodge Vipers and succeeded in some podium finishes with a touch of grace and smoothness. She still does not think she is competitive. Sailing the Venture on Lake Dillon has allowed Angie to amass a nice set of sailing skills (at least we didn’t sink it), complete with the realization that one should not lower the main and decide to contain it by wrapping arms and legs around the boom.  The 4th freak hail storm of the day decided to last over an hour and Angie’s muscles could not move after doing such a thing. Lesson learned:  no matter how many times El Capitain tells you to raise and lower the main and it starts to piss you off, you need to do it and do not improvise with the technique (until you learn a few more things).  Now, she gets to edit all of Mark’s spelling and grammar mistakes and find a new word for “amass.”  Must have been Mark’s word for the day, that day…

Angie is also the one trying to leash train and potty train 3 crew members so moving onto the boat will not be such a HUGE cat-ass-trophy.

Nice Kitty (Elle Princessa)


Some people may not consider her overweight, yeah, she’s 2x the weight of Black Kitty and we’ll leave it at that. Everybody likes Nice Kitty, since she warms up to just about anyone, as long as they don’t run interference to the food bowl. Just a few pats on the back and she warms up to anyone.  The small dog harness is too small and the medium dog harness (for leash training) is too big.  She may have to get a custom made one, compliments of Angie’s sewing skills.  She does not like being on a leash.  We will leave it at that for now.

RIP 01/23/17

Mean Kitty (Elle Queentessa)


Some people have called her a bit bitchy. She has a lot of issues with…..just about everything or everyone. She absolutely hates Black Kitty and even Nice Kitty at times.  Doesn’t like to be touched for 90% of the day, then will bump legs or arms or sleep on your head in the middle of the night, until some loving is given. She prefers to drink water out of a running kitchen faucet, and it needs to be filtered.  Am not sure how this is going to work on a boat, where a running faucet is not conducive to water rationing and management.  Especially since, on the hard, in the yard, there IS no running water on the boat.



RIP 12/07/16

Black Kitty

He was a feral cat when adopted, which has kept him from bonding with anyone. Angie has been able to touch him (at times) after a few years. The cat will still not come up to Mark (and for good reasons!) According to Angie, This cat is awesome!  He drinks out of a toilet, and he even lifts the lid.  I foresee this is going to be a huge problem though with trying to get him to use the head instead of a litter box.  The poor thing is going to be confused to no end.  If you You Tube leash training cats and see one that jumps straight up in the air about 5 feet and contortions himself into a leash entwined mess, that was the first experience on the leash for him.  Poor thing.


RIP 05/26/14

Stella and Artois (El Purple Flamingo Maidenheads)

stella easter ears 2

They don’t say much or show any emotions.  We have had a lot of people take pictures of them while we are sitting on the hard in the boatyard.  Stella (above) is sporting bunny ears when we were working on the boat over an Easter holiday.

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