Where To Next?


We are not 100% sure at this point where we will land next.  With the weather openings, we may take a two day window  and stage and provision in Aruba.  Angie also needs to get 2017 to our CPA before the end of the year and pay taxes.  This needs to happen before continuing further West.  Did we mention Angie’s accounting computer gave up on the salt water environment we live in?  Yep, she needs to recreate 2017 manually.

Then, we move on towards either Columbia or the San Blas Islands, Panama with the next opportunity.  We are interested in doing a guided motorcycle tour of Columbia’s back country.  We are interested in the architecture of Santa Marta and Cartagena.  We are interested in touring the National Park outside of Santa Marta and a walking tour of Bogata.  However, we can also do this another time, when we do South America by land. Angie would like to be more fluent in Spanish.  We have been lacking in our Learning Spanish Flashcard schoolwork. Mark thinks his translator app on his phone will work just fine. We shall see.

Panama or Columbia??

The San Blas Islands of Panama are also calling our name.  From what we have gathered so far, they remind us of the remoter islands that we enjoyed so much in the Bahamas.  After being in civilization for so long (Since May), Angie is getting antsy for some serious down time.  Her boat projects seem to never get completed when there are too many other things to do.   There is always somewhere to go, people to see, blog posts to update, wifi to scab  etc.  It is tough on an introvert!

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