Taking Uno Mas to Klein Bonaire


Dec 3, 2017

Uno Mas has been sitting for three months now.  It is time to do a trial run, blow out the engines, shake out the sails, get us used to boat movement of a good kind, again.  We took friends to Klein Bonaire for some diving, lunch, more diving/snorkeling and a nice cruise back to the mooring field.

Spotted Drum, intermediate, 2, MH Green moray, MH Sponge view, MH Azure vase sponge 4, MH

Angie was nervous with all of the mooring ball, dive marker hook ups that needed to be done (6. She is usually good for 3 strenuous events in a day).  You never know what is going to happen with picking up or discarding the lines. She has to hang over the front aluminum spreader between the two hulls, on her stomach, upside down, and try to connect our two bridle lines to a rope loop attached to the dive markers, with an extended boat hook.  All the while, trying to give Mark directions on how to steer the boat and make it look easy for our guests.  We have used our two way radio headsets in the past for this.  While they work great, Angie usually has to pull her headset off because it gets tangled in the rigging or  she is at risk of having it flip off her head and into the water.  We opted to not use the headsets this time.  Needless to say, the upside down communication hand gestures were not working so well.

The first dive marker “pick up” at Forest was a  complete fiasco.  The make-shift bridle set up didn’t work as planned and the lines got twisted around our genoa furler and code zero rigging.  The strain from the wind blowing us away from the marker buoy  ended up pulling the rivets out of our code zero safety line attachment before everything could get untangled. After a few tries, and reconfiguring, Angie was able to finally get it settled; However, she didn’t like the way Uno Mas was aimed due to the wind and waves. Our aft was too close to the rocky, coral shore for her comfort. She decided to stay on the boat, prep for lunch, and closely watch what was going on with the boat movement.  The dive marker buoy at Forest was only a screw hold into the sand, and not attached to big concrete mooring blocks.  The worse case scenarios running through her head were not good.  She was getting seasick with having to hang upside down, with the boat moving up and down, during the loop pick up. Thankfully,  the  Bonine worked and she didn’t take it too late!

Kate and Ian ascending 3 zoom, FOR
Kate and Ian

After the divers got back onto Uno Mas, it was quickly decided to move the boat around the corner of the island to Monk’s Haven, our second dive site for the day.  The land at this point, was protecting us from the wind and waves. Our aft was aimed out to sea, instead of shore.  The second dive marker pick up went without a hitch.  (Now that’s the way it should be!)

Yellowhead wrasse with red, FOR Smooth Trunkfish, Juvenile, FOR Trumpetfish, yellow phase, FOR Queen Angelfish 2, FOR  Instead of diving, after lunch, Angie and Kate went snorkeling to shore on Klein Bonaire.  We were able to see the interior “lake” that looks like a big salt flat.  (Angie was hoping to see flamingos. Nope.)  Angie was able to get her dime bag of Klein Bonaire sand, and Ian and Mark got their second dive in.  After the dessert course of chocolate chia seed pudding parfaits, the autopilot did its job and took us back to our mooring.

It turned out to be a wonderful day with great friends, good food, and we got Uno Mas moving out on the water again!


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