Party On, Uno Mas!

Dec 12, 2017

Do you think all of the groceries will fit? This is a Twizy!


Since our boat finally got cleaned up a bit for having people on board, we decided to reciprocate all of the boat invites we have had with our friends around us in the mooring field.  We had 9 people on Uno Mas for drinks and apps.


The apps turned into Greek night with Spanikopita pastry shells, handmade stuffed grape leaves (which, unfortunately, tasted so much better the next day),  tzatziki and olive tapenade,  Texas caviar with chips, hummus and veggies, prosciutto cheese wraps, and key lime pie parfait cups.

20171212_180705 20171213_120807

We have never had this many people on board at one time.  However, everyone had a great time socializing.  At times like this, Angie thinks we could use a bigger boat with a larger exterior seating area.  However, that thought quickly goes away when it gets back to just the two of us, which is 99.9% of the time.  Uno Mas is just fine!


We were gifted with wine and our own Uno Mas dive site Bonaire marker rock from Windancer IV!  We love it!!  Angie thinks it will be showing up in photos as we are diving around the world!



Alas, our friends on Wild Bird, along with Pip and Gem, departed before our party. We absolutely adored watching the pups manage the paddleboard and jump on and off the dinghy!  It makes us miss our furry family.  May they have fair winds and a wonderful visit to Cuba!

20171107_100552 20171107_093616

With thinking of moving on to the next place, it is bittersweet.  We thoroughly enjoying meeting new people and making friends that will last a lifetime, as well as finding people on the same path around the world.  It is sad to leave places where we have met so many wonderful people, both on shore and out on the water.  You never know when you will see people again, but it always feels like it won’t be the last.  At least, we hope not.  Bonaire still remains to be a very special place for us.

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