Bonaire – Seahorses, Whale Sharks, Hammerheads, and Manta Rays, OH MY!


Nov 20, 2017


We REALLY want to find seahorses!  The dive site Rockpile on Klein Bonaire is supposed to have them.  We looked.  Rumor had it that Keepsake on Klein Bonaire also had ONE.  “At the base of the mooring buoy, turn around, look towards shore.  It will be on your right in the soft coral.”  NOPE.   There were 6 of us looking.  The dive site West of Rockpile now is supposed to have some.  We shall see.  Back in 2006 and 2009, we found some off of Oil Slick Leap and Karpata.  We may have to go back to those, just in case.   Highly doubtful they are still hanging around.  Sarah and Bob on Rhapsody found a seahorse clinging to the rubble at the base of the mooring of the boat next to us, in the sandy area.  He is no longer there. We are bummed!


Bob and Sarah called up to Uno Mas yesterday while they were swimming through the moorings.  A MANTA RAY was cruising down the middle of the boats!  Mark was quick and got to experience the show.  He even witnessed the 7 ft wing span take off, over the little Eagle Ray that has been hanging around lately. A two for one, once in a lifetime experience!  Angie, who was working on blog pictures at the time, took too long to get geared up and in the water to see anything. ((Bathing suit, rash guard, mask, (now, where is the snorkel?))  Mark jumped in the water in his underwear. Quick to react. No fins.  Angie is bummed.  It was mentioned that it would have been worth it, even if one had to jump in the water naked, in front of everyone.  Angie is still weighing that.  We are hoping to attract it again with the underwater light which draws the plankton to the back of Uno Mas at night.  Now THAT would be a cool experience to see on a night dive. It would make up for the Manta Ray night dive we paid for in Kona, Hawaii, many years ago and did not see A ONE.  (We asked for a refund. No luck with that, either!)

Other amazing sights we have only heard about and did not actually experience while here on Bonaire were a whale shark and hammerheads cruising between us and Klein Bonaire.  We have been known, (when we see fish jumping out of the water, in a frenzy to get away from something BIG chasing them in the deeps behind the boat) to jump in the dinghy, speed out to the turbulent area, Angie with her mask on, sticking her head in the water, hiney up in the air, and look for the infamous whale shark.  So far, nothing.  Not even a regular shark. We missed the hammerheads too.


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