Bonaire – More Diving and Waiting for Weather


We are starting to plan our route to head West again.  After over three months of being here, we are starting to get antsy to move on.  We have thoroughly enjoyed  our visit back to Bonaire and have met many wonderful people, both on shore and on the water.  We have met many boats that we will see along the way when we cross the Pacific Ocean.

We have picked up a quick tutorial booklet from Addos Bookstore to help us speak Papiamento, the locals’ language.   Dutch and English are also spoken, but we thought we would have better luck with something that is closer to Spanish, even though we do not know that either.  We plan to “swing by” Bonaire again when we finish our circumnavigation in 3-4-5 years.

We have also been granted true Bonairian Cruiser status by having a two- three inch long flying cockroach land on our boat.  The wings were large.  It flew far.  We had heard horror stories of them hitting people in the back of their heads as they were sitting out at night during light winds.  Ours landed in our lines.  The movement startled Angie at first. She helped it along and swatted it into the water, hoping to quickly feed a fish.  Squishing  it would have made a mess. Then, she got distraught as it tried swimming back to Uno Mas and also tried to exit the water via our dinghy painters.  It would take a nice sized jack to gulp that thing down.  Mark came to the rescue. He jumped into the tender, let it get on the lines, pinched its head off and tossed it back in the water.  Hopefully, some fish will appreciate the effort. We need to leave before we have any more try to hitch hike to Panama.  Having a bug infestation is Angie’s worst nightmare on Uno Mas. (Well, one of them.)

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