Bonaire, Last Minute Departure Prep


20171219_130932 20171219_130859

Sharon from Kokomo Kat organized a Tuna Tuesday  (Fresh tuna, four ways for $15) trip to Hillside Village Bar and Grill.  We met up with Barb and Chuck from Tussen Tak II,  Bruce, Yolanda, Iris and Tunitsia (Bruce has been helping Sharon get her autopilot functioning), and Kate and Ian.   We had a fabulous last meal out on Bonaire.  We are really going to miss this place and all of the people we have met.  The Hillside Village Bar and Grill is another place we have had many Friday Night happy hours and dinner with more Bonairian friends: Kate, Ian, Peter, Chi, Cami and Brian.  We met these people first at a wine tasting at Le Garage, and then continued to see them off and on over the months as well.  Such good memories!  The Hillside has wonderful sunset and hillside views at night with the houses all lit up!

Sharon gave us many pointers for our trip through the San Blas Islands.  She spent 6 months there.  We are thinking of bypassing Columbia and head straight for the islands to get as much time in, as possible.  Sharon also let us torture Tom2, her feral boat kitty.  She so much reminds us of our Mean Kitty. Gotta love the cattitude!!

Our Leg and Arm inflatable Immobilizers for our Medical Kit

It seems like we have been on Bonaire forever and had all of this free time.  Now, when we are getting ready to depart, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to get everything done that is needed.  We finally went to the Wednesday night Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire presentation at Yellow Submarine dive shop and the TerraMar Museum.


We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the turtles around Bonaire, and in general. We also enjoyed the museum.  Angie especially enjoyed the coral reclamation display.

Underwater coral reef reclamation, SS2 Underwater coral reef reclamation 3, SS2 Underwater coral reef reclamation 2, SS2 Staghorn coral restoration project, RPW Staghorn coral restoration project 2, RPW Staghorn coral colony, RPW

These are pictures we have taken while diving of  coral “gardens” and reef reclamation projects we encountered.

We are impressed with the groups on Bonaire and their desire to help preserve  and conserve the underwater and marine environment, something that is very near and dear to our hearts.

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