Aruba, Hello, Again…..And, Good Bye!

December 21-29, 2017

This time, the check-in with Customs and Immigration went without a hitch.  It almost looked like we knew what we were doing!

This is just a quick stop.  Until the weather changes and we have a better angle of wind and waves to head further West.


A Charlie Brown Christmas Basil Plant

Provisioning, a few boat repairs, and trying to play catch – up with the blog with very intermittent internet service are on the To Do List.  We are back in the land of having to take the dinghy to town to do anything useful on the computer.

Angie spent 4 days sorting, resizing and uploading blog pics.   The blog text and most pictures for Bonaire got uploaded at the last minute. Aruba posts will have to wait until we have wifi again.  It could be a month.

We are planning to head to the San Blas Islands off of Panama with maybe a day or two stop in Columbia if the winds and waves start kicking us, but hoping to go straight through.  We shall see!!


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