Bonaire, Rockpile, Klein Bonaire Dive 11/16/17

The infamous Rockpile.  Famous for seahorses.  We looked. Angie looked twice.  Upside down, and all around. We were in the water for 76 minutes.  Nope. Not a single seahorse.  However, Mark did get some photos of fish we rarely see, and some of ones we see often.  We must say, Rockpile has the best soft coral, sea fans and plumes we have seen so far.  Perfect habitat for seahorses….

Scrawled filefish (two) with trumpetfish photo bomb, RP
Two Scrawled filefish with a trumpetfish photo bomb
Sharptail eel, RP
Sharptail eel, pretty common
Shy hamlet 3, RP
Shy hamlet (new for us)
Yellowhead wrasse, RP
Yellowhead wrasse, hard to get a good picture
Sea fan, RP
Sea Fans!!
French grunt, RP
French grunt. We see a lot of them. However, we liked this photo with the fins extended
Flamingo tongue snail, RP
Flamingo tongue snail. A predator on the soft corals. Beautiful, but nasty
Fire coral, RP
Fire coral, Stay away from the white tipped stuff.
Coral texture, RP
Coral texture
Banded coral shrimp, two of them, RP
TWO Banded coral shrimp

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