Bonaire, Just Hanging Out

Tiger grouper and sidekick trumpetfish, SB

Purple sea fan with blue chromis, SB
Purple sea fan with Blue chromis
Inked Slender filefish, SB_LI
Slender filefish, about 2 inches long
Barrel sponge, SB
Barrel sponge. We have not seen very many of these
Sharpnose puffer, SB
We finally get a decent pic of a Sharpnose puffer. About 2 inches long

Here are a few things that do not require refrigeration that we have found at the grocery stores:

Things not refrigerated in the tropics, Nov
Yogurt, Milk, and Eggs!

Surprisingly, our digestive systems have not revolted!

The locals are really friendly here.  The local fishermen always wave hello. Even when on Klein Bonaire, the dive boats will stop and ask if we need help. (Just being friendly…. Probably because we usually stay down on a dive for 70-90 minutes at a time.) The red glass bottomed submarine drives by our stern almost daily, showing the people inside, the reef along the edge of the island by the harbor.  Mark waves to this guy and talks to him all of the time.

Yellow submarine, Nov
We all live in a ……… submarine…..

THIS guy, however, hit our boat while towing the sea trikes.  He NOW knows, that we know, that he knows we know….  Bonaire is Dutch and is not a litigious society.  Something that is hard to comprehend. (People not willing to sue someone over absolutely everything.)

Yep, these guys hit our boat, Nov



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