Bonaire,  Rocking and Rolling

Oct 29, 2017

Picture taken by Jeynaba Toure

About every 10 days or so, we have a Westerly wind reversal come through.  This puts our aft facing concrete in the mooring field, and it makes us rather uncomfortable.  Angie stayed up most of the night watching the catamarans, monohulls and fishing boats get tossed around and swinging every which way.  A nice four foot swell also was ripping through the mooring area, causing the boat to feel like you were on a bucking bronco.  The waves would hit the sea wall and escalate, as they carried down the concrete.  Then, there would be a huge crash once the wave hit the jetty, covering the shore road with sea water.  It was an impressive sight to watch throughout the night.

A group of locals got together and brought in one of the fishing boats that had broken its mooring.  Uno Mas’ mooring lines held fast.  One monohuller decided to leave the field and run over to Klein Bonaire, to pick up a dive site mooring in the lee of the island. (No anchoring is allowed around Bonaire due to it all being a Marine Park.)  The dive site moorings are mostly screws going into sand at the bottom. We would not want to rely on something like that for Uno Mas in winds.

Along with the wind reversal, there was  some pretty nice rain.  Uno Mas finally has gotten a good washing.  However, with the heavy rain, you can see the dirt from shore and the roads wash into the sea.  This then coats the coral with debris. Thankfully, most of it seems to be contained to the area along the shoreline, and not going too far over the reefs.

Of course, after it is all said and done, we would have stunning sunsets!

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