Bonaire, Diving Days

Sidewalk art in Kralendijk

We have been trying to accomplish a lot of banking transactions on line.  It has been very frustrating the last few weeks.  However, we have been able to get a few days of diving in.

Here are some shots from our Oct dive at Something Special, just South of the Marina’s entrance.

Featherduster worm
Rainbow parrotfish
Spotted Moray
Puddingwife and Yellow goatfish
A beautiful cluster of color


AND, Angie’s favorites:  TURTLES!!


Hawksbill Turtle
Green sea turtle
Angie’s two thumbs up for seeing turtles!!


******We are experimenting with consolidating the huge amounts of photos we have for each dive.  We are trying to figure out how to do “Slideshows.”  I have added slideshows under the Underwater page.  AND, I am adding a slideshow on the blog post pages as well.  Send us a comment about what works or doesn’t.  Angie thinks the multiple slide shows in the Underwater page will make people’s computers bog down or make people sick when multiple slideshows are going at the same time.  We have not been able to figure out how to make them stop automatically starting.  We would like them to start when the viewer tells it to…..*****A Work in Progress*****

Bonaire, Something Special, October 25,2017

[slideshow_deploy id=’2520′]

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