Bonaire, After the Regatta

Oct 15-27, 2017


Underwater photos from dive on Monk’s Haven, Klein Bonaire, Oct 15,2017

Coral column

We met a group of expats who have moved to Bonaire within the last few years at the wine tasting as well.  It feels like we instantly meet friends wherever we go here.  Thankfully, Andy and Karen dropped us off so we didn’t have to walk all of the way back to our dinghy!

We have also been driving around the island looking at investment properties with Kate, a realtor with Remax that Angie sat next to at the wine tasting.  Who knows where we will land once we make it around the globe someday.  Given the destruction of the islands up North by Irma and Maria, many people are coming down to the ABC’s for their next home.  We have met many cruisers who were able to make it out of the islands on their boats before the hurricanes set in.  However, it is sad to hear that they have no homes to return to on St Marteen, St Thomas or in the BVI’s.   They are waiting to see what will happen with whatever their insurance company’s decide. We cannot even imagine.

Bicolor damselfish
IDK parrotfish
Orange elephant coral

The boat work continues.  Mark is changing filters and oils on everything.  Weekly, we have to scrub the hulls of green fuzzy growth. Angie is working on the pictures to upload to the website, cleaning, laundry, and sewing projects.

We have also been enjoying the diving off of Klein Bonaire and playing around with the underwater camera.  So, we have MANY photos to upload to the Underwater Page.

Stoplight parrotfish 4
Banded coral shrimp
Peacock flounder swimming
Tube and Sponges

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