Fishball, Bonaire

Oct 21, 2017

Mark dove in the water, looking for a runaway towel that was no longer on our lifelines.  To his surprise, there was a HUGE bait fish ball hanging out underneath Uno Mas!  The towel search was immediately forgotten. Instead, he is yelling at Angie inside the boat, to “get the camera!”


We had thousands of Big eye scad swarmed together.  It moved like a tornado as Crevalle, Horse eye, and Bar Jacks took turns swimming through, trying to break it up.

Horse-eye jack
Crevalle jack
Bar jack

Mark got underneath the ball and took photos looking up.

Angie kept her distance at the top.  Looking out towards the blue water, wondering what bigger fish up the food chain was going to show up next.

It was cold in the water.  This is the first time Angie has been “chilled” since can’t remember when.  However, it was worth it!  Such an amazing sight!

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