Bonaire, Just Another Day


Oct 10, 2017

Birdie Bon 3Nice Flower, Bon 3

Busy day today!  Angie had her Ultrasound.  No more stones!  Liver, spleen, gallbladder and kidneys look fine. But, there were also no answers as to the remaining pain.  She is going to chalk it up to “normal, getting older, could be left over from motorcycle accident” pains and just live with it.

Echo Day, Bon 3 Echo Day 2,, Bon 3

Today’s lunch/wifi spot is KFC!  Nothing like some good old greasy finger lick’n chick’n!  On the way, we spotted the refurbished old Bonairian sailing fishing boat for the Regatta!  We are very excited to see it out on the water and hope to get some photos of it.

First Rehabbed Fishing Boat, Bon 3

We were able to access our blog site (obviously).  Somehow the User Name and password were changed.  We can now edit, but also need to find out what happened and to make sure it cannot happen again.  (You cannot change the User Name in the Profile, so it looks like our website got copied under a different name.  We will be doing further chats tomorrow to make sure we do not have spyware or something else going on.)  We also need to copy/back up the posts to make sure we do not lose all of the work incase this happens again.

Some light bathroom humor, Bon 2
Some humorous bathroom signs at KFC

Finally, today being TUESDAY, we took the shuttle to the grocery store and made it back to Uno Mas just in time for a beautiful sunset!

Sunset 2, Bon 3

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