Bonaire Underwater Photos, Off the Back of Uno Mas

Oct 7, 2017

smooth trunkfish adult adj
Baby Smooth Trunkfish – 1 inch in diameter

After numerous configurations and test dives, Mark has found the best set-up for our underwater photography equipment! (After, of course, buying more equipment.) We are both really excited to better capture the underwater beauty that has intrigued us for so many years.

pederson shrimp 3
Pederson Cleaner Shrimp – One Inch Body Length

Unfortunately, the one camera that works the best does not have a separate underwater housing and is only good to 43 feet.  We typically go down to 60-70, then work our way back up.  We are really concerned about flooding this camera.   Looking online, it will cost us $$$ to get another back-up shipped here, especially after paying import duty.  So, maybe we will find something in Columbia or Panama.  We will stop by the dive shop again, just to see what they have more to offer.  Maybe we will finally get that free sticker. Our budget is blown out of the water at this point.

which camera set up, Bon 2
Which camera and strobes to use????


For one dive off the back of Uno Mas at the mooring field, Mark took over 500 photos.  Angie narrowed them down to 60, found out the names of what we were looking at,  and then, Mark did the final cut to 30 to be posted for the blog site.  This process took over a day in itself.  We will post a few pics on the blog site Home Page and then the rest under the Underwater Photo Page.  We have not been able to upload our videos to the blog site yet.

spotted scorpionfish
Spotted Scorpionfish

We have also started sorting some old underwater photos (the ones that actually made it from Mark’s two day effort at scanning, before moving everything into storage).  Angie is slowly sorting, editing, and resizing  to upload to the Underwater Photo Page as well.  Some of the older photos could be from our friend’s camera.  We are not sure who took which.  So, PHOTO CREDS GO OUT TO JOHN OSTERMAN!

orange tube
Orange Tube Sponge

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