Bonaire, Things that go BUMP in the Night

Angie woke up to strange noises again.  This time, it wasn’t the sound of something hitting the boat, and then bright lights flashing through the hatch above the bed. Or, sounds of firecrackers or gunshots and then a car with a very distinct muffler taking off quickly.  You would think if someone was up to no good, then they would have a quiet get-away vehicle, not something one could discern and also tell that it just went around the block before it was parked for the night. (Amateurs)

Flying Fish, Bon 3

Angie woke up to something scraping across the deck.  The motion activated security light did not illuminate.  Looking out through the sliding glass doors, Angie could not tell what was going on.

In the morning, Mark found the culprit.  A nice sized flying fish landed in the cockpit!flying fish and Mark, Bon 2


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