Bonaire, More

Sept 17-Oct 8, 2017

what does this mean, Bon 2
An egg by any other name? No idea what this says

Lazy days are happening on Uno Mas, and it is wonderful! We finally feel like we are doing what we envisioned we would be doing on Uno Mas when we got the bright idea to sell everything and move onto a boat. Angie is getting some Kindle reading in.  Laundry still needs to be done weekly and subsequently, making water to refill the water tank. We do not know how we accumulate 3 loads every week.  Granted, the washing machine drum is small, but consistently THREE LOADS??

We are cooking food again, even though it is HOT inside and outside (over 95 every day).  It all depends on how much sweat we can tolerate dripping into our food.  English muffins have been made.  Angie even ventured to make Mofongo (a Puerto Rican plantain dish that we enjoy.)  We even went as far as to make Vernaniki, a Norwegian dish that is special in Mark’s family.  Granted, we had a few substitutions for ingredients, but all in all, it turned out great!

Vernanika time 2, Bon 2Vernanika time, Bon 2

With the fresh cilantro and basil from the Van Den Tweel grocery store, we have been making caprese salad and salsas almost daily.  Angie even went as far as to plant the fresh herbs to see if she can keep them regenerating.  (Still working on that actually happening.)  We need to hide the plants from the direct sunlight and not forget to water them daily.  Sprouts have been started again as well and 50% subsequently thrown away.  We have only forgotten to water them once, which required a restart. Or, we let them go too long and they start to get moldy.

Herbs, trying again, Bon 2
Trying Again

A few boat projects are happening.  We now have a new sunset beverage tray.

New beverage tray, Bon 2

Mark is working on adjusting the tightness of the prop bearings and regreasing.  Weekly, we have to scrub fresh barnacles and green slime off our bottom.  Since our paint does not seem to be caustic anymore, we are looking at having Uno Mas hauled out either in Columbia or Panama and getting new bottom paint applied.  We did not anticipate this expense so early in our trip.  We thought we would be able to get to New Zealand before doing this again.  We are looking at even more toxic paint for the next go around that isn’t available in the USA. This brings up quite a conundrum: Extremely toxic pain every 4 years or not so toxic every year. Both take the same three coats.  Unfortunately, realizing this work comes at the exact time that we started working on our receipts and budget for our trip.  THAT was a very depressing afternoon.

We took our dive medical bag to the local dive doctor.  He went through and made sure we have enough medicines, and the proper types in case we have an emergency at sea.  Angie also reviewed her current sinus and  kidney conditions with him.  After the second set of Aruba medications not making any changes, we decided to see what the Bonaire medical facilities may have to help.  She has now had x-rays to look for stones and is scheduled for an Echo next week.  Hopefully , she will finally get some answers.  However, we were pleasantly surprised that the 3 x-rays cost us less than $30. The doctor here does not seem to price gouge either, which is nice.  However, we will have to go to Curacao for anything major.

Bonaire Hospital, Bon 2 hospital waiting open air waiting, Bon 2 trip through hospital, Bon 2

The island is getting ready for their 50th Regatta Oct 11-15.  It is the oldest in the Caribbean.  The sailing school and Budget Marine are spearheading reviving the old sailing fishing boats from many, many years ago.  Their progress can be seen from the mooring we are on.  We are really excited to see all of the boat races this upcoming week and parade on Wednesday!

Water trikes Bon 2
Water Trikes outside of Venezuelan Consulate

We have been cooling off by snorkeling around the boat and taking the dinghy to Klein Bonaire for diving.  Angie has been ecstatic to see a spotted eagle ray and tarpon numerous times running between the boats in the mooring area.

We have been really impressed with the coral and reef life. Mark has worked extensively, trying to get the best underwater photos possible with our options.  We ended up buying another light set for the cameras.  The old strobes that we had for our 35 mm camera did not always flash with the digital cameras.  We have been very disappointed in the digital photos since retiring our old 35 mm set-up.

AND, of course, one of our old dive lights needed a new o-ring.  After leaving the light with the dive shop for a few days, in hope of finding a replacement, they talked us into a new camera 2 light cradle.  Each light can be removed to be used for night dive lights, a bit cheaper option than buying two new dive lights outright.  So, we continue to replace our barely used 9 year old dive gear!  Again, this was not really included in our budget.  However, Oct 12-13 the coral is spawning, and we need the lights to be able to see this phenomenon.  Our first!  Angie also needed a new full dive skin.  We are becoming quick friends with the local dive shop.  However, we still have not bought enough to earn the free stickers the shop was handing out the first day we showed up.  A very large group of Brazilians were in the shop buying A LOT. The dive shop was handing out stickers left and right to the group.  We only bought new hard sole dive booties for Angie that day, and no free sticker.

New Beverage tray 2, Bon 2

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