Aruba – Hi Rise Anchorage, Take 2

  Aug 9-13, 2017

White caps on the water as heading into Hi Rise Anchorage
White caps on the water when heading into Hi Rise Anchorage

Tell Tales Again wanted to go to the Hi Rise anchorage area.  We wanted to go back as well, and do some snorkeling and check out the Northern area dive sites.  It was good to be under sail again! The anchorage was still full of tubers being zipped back and forth by power boaters.  Some were getting really close to our anchor bridles.  Mark hooked the buoys on the anchors again, while Angie shielded him with the dinghy while he was in the water.  They were going so close, he would have been ran over.

Dive boat, HR2 Charter Boats, HR2

We snorkeled a few of the sites where all of the tourists go.  We saw quite a bit of fish life but the color of the coral is gone. Interesting Fish Sightings:  3 Eels (Chain moray, brown spotted and white spotted), scorpionfish, 2 large black French angelfish, Honeycomb boxfish, large white spotted filefish showing its spots, lots of schools of small yellow snappers, grunts, French grunts, a big blue Parrotfish, blue tanks, surgeonfish, wrasses, blueheads, a clown wrasse.  Cornetfish, trumpetfish, barjacks, night sergeants, squirrelfish, flame fish, juvenile dusky damselfish, peacock flounder, mahogany snapper, an orange and red crab, white spotted fireworm, porcupinefish and possibly a many toothed conger eel (It had a definite blue fin along the bottom, but not definitely along the top).  Angie’s reversed backflips from the water into the dinghy need more practice. She is getting some free saltwater nasal rinses.

UM at anchor 1, HR2 The Riu, HR2 Pirates, again, HR2

Mark checked out the wreck dive where all of the tour boats go and decided it really wasn’t worth the effort of loading all of our gear.  We will wait to see what the Flamingo Island area has to offer.  The trauma of hearing about the Venezuelan refugees is wearing off.  We decided to stick to the area more central and not South, where we have watched dive boats drop divers throughout the day.  We will stay away from shark feeding time, after 4 pm.

MOB Toss Bag
MOB Toss Bag
Horseshoe sling  Rework
Horseshoe sling Rework

Angie Sewing, HR2

With all of the time being in the water, both Mark and Angie got fried from the sun, and need to have some No Sun days.  Angie worked on her sewing projects and blog posts, and Mark replaced the wind generator breaker and the breaker for the high pressure water maker pump.  He also finalized the plumbing for the Lectra San and cleaning the boat bottom.

AC filter scrubbies
AC filter scrubbies
Lectra San
Lectra San

We also need to get the Genoa sail reinstalled.  We need some no wind time which is a challenge on an island where it blows all the time.  Mark has been watching wind patterns and found the low to be between 6-630 am, when the winds drop to 5-10. This is when the sun is just rising and the island is heating up.  One day we decided to just do it.  It took some effort, and some words on Angie’s part (due to a crushed hand and rope welts), but the Gennie is back up!!

Uno Mas and Tell Tales Again at Anchor
Uno Mas and Tell Tales Again at Anchor
Ebony wood carvings we liked
Ebony wood carvings we liked

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