Aruba – Crazy Things at Dockside


All catamarans come with a sewing machine.”  Some tourist guy walking by actually said this to his wife/girlfriend, while Angie was working on the helm cover.  Who took our boat manufacturer’supplied machine??

“All Catamarans are super fast.” Unless, of course, you are overloaded. Even not overloaded, we can only do about 8-10 knots. It must be the flame decals. Mark says, “They are good for at least  a half knot speed increase in every story”.

“Do you know where we can buy some pot?”  Yes, we are from Colorado. Yes, Angie likes to wear tie dye and the smell of patchouli. “No, we do not know where you can buy the pot.”

Venezuelan short term chartering out of sport fishing boats. Roller luggage clump, clump, clumping along the docks at all hours of the day. You can hear them as soon as they hit the wood docks.  You can smell the cologne and perfume 4 boats away. The turnover rate is amazing.

Venezuelan’s using a charcoal/wood  grill on the back of a boat, blowing the ashes and sparks into the surrounding boats – Not cool.

Washing a boat with bleach and spraying the canvas of the boat next door – Neither is this cool.

There’s this sailor named Jon Martin who buys boats around the world, and then sails them back to New Zealand to sell, single-handed, and he’s in a wheel chair. He is fascinating to talk with. He is younger than us and puts Angie to shame with his recycling, do no harm to the environment, and live minimally lifestyle. He always has great things to say with a smile.  He handed back our boat card and said we should keep it.  It is double sided waxy paper and will not deteriorate.  Good to know for when we finally get through the 10,000 boat cards we now have, and need to order new ones.  As far as boat electronics go, he stated, “Why need GPS?  You will eventually hit land no matter which way you go.”  He said when he arrives on a new boat, that he only has 2 duffle bags with all of the necessities for him to sail around the world. What??? Not 40 blue tubs with double or triple redundancy for, well, everything?? Granted, he only has 1 sewing machine, and not 3. But, still….  One time, we walked by and he was tossing water over the side of the boat.  So, Angie pointed out that it was wasteful.  He could use it to wash his boat or something (snicker!!!)  We told him it was good to see him think outside the box every once in a while.  He then came back a few days later sporting a new hair and beard cut.  He was shocked that he actually paid someone to do it for him, instead of doing it himself.  I guess we rubbed off on him a little bit.  He definitely impacted us and we hope that we will see him again someday. We did agree that life is short, that you need to do things while you still can, and that chocolate was a necessity on passage.  Fair Winds to Jon Martin!

Jon Martin Up His Mast
Jon Martin Up His Mast

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