Aruba – Airport/Surfside Anchorage, Take 1

Aug 3-8, 2017

Sunset 2, Airport 1 At Anchor, Airport 1

Ahhhh… be back at anchor again!  We have a breeze flowing through the boat now, keeping the interior temps down in the high 80’s. We have sunsets again, and watch anxiously for another “Green Flash”.  We will even take a questionable green “Spark.” Even without a green flash, the purples and pinks of the sunsets are still beautiful. The boat is not getting waked by all of the Renaissance shuttle boats. Oh, wait, we still are.  They are shuttling people to the Flamingo Island and now use our boat a viewing attraction on the way to the island. We can’t get away from them setting all of our stuff on the countertops into an upheaval.  So far, the worst has been Mark being interrupted while making coffee. Coffee Everywhere!   The shuttle boats run behind us, and they run in front of us.  In fact, one ran so close to Tell Tales Again that their prop washed out our friends’ anchor and they started dragging rapidly back towards the reefs.  We now have anchor buoys attached to keep this from happening again. Hopefully!

Surfside Beach, Hooiberg Hill in the background
Surfside Beach, Hooiberg Hill in the background

And, so the “Once we get out of the Marina” boat projects begin.  For Mark, this means cleaning the growth off of the bottom of Uno Mas. She is looking a bit green and fuzzy and barnacled.   We were amazed at the amount of growth on the bottom of the boat and on the props after the first week of being in Aruba’s waters.  3 months’ worth is going to take a bit of elbow grease. After the initial scraping and scrubbing, he now only needs to do a once a week light scrub, using air conditioning filter material.  We bought a mat of it and cut to fit the scrub handles.  It works great!

Angie is still working on sewing projects .  We need new covers for the two lifeslings and a new line toss bag for the Man Overboard pole.   It really is dumbfounding that something so important when needed is so shabbily constructed.  The toss lines disintegrate from the UV and crumples in your hand. The covers deteriorate from the UV as well.  No fear though, we have yellow Sunbrella and everything is going to look pretty again.

Sewing Project Must Have Tool - A Drywall T-Square
Sewing Project Must Have Tool – A Drywall T-Square

Reworking Life Slings, Airport 1 Door Bags, Airport 1

She also made door pockets for small items to be hung inside the hanging lockers.

We are running the generator for power again.  We had to unpickle to watermaker and start doing the weekly loads of laundry. Mark replaced the heat exhaust fan that did not survive the Crossing from Hell.  He thought the plastic  would work better in the corrosive salt water environment.  After the first use, he realized he thought wrong.  The plastic unit cannot hold up to the temperatures causing the blades to flex and hit the interior fan supports.   So, we will order up round 2. And just expect it to fail every few years.  Meanwhile, we can run the generator with the enclosure off. It just makes it noisier.

We have seen turtles and Eagle rays jumping out of the water while at anchor.

Early morning try at installing the Genoa – Didn’t Happen

Moon between red and green channel markers while waiting for winds to die down
Moon between red and green channel markers while waiting for winds to die down

Life is Good to be on the Hook Again!

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