Aruba – Which Way to Go?


It feels good to be back on Uno Mas.  Planning to be away from our home for 2 months during hurricane season is just too long.  For some reason, the Tropical Storm projections are heading over and/or around Aruba quite frequently this year, which is unnerving.  So far, we have had Tropical Storms Bert (Mid-June), Don (Mid-July), and Harvey (Mid-August) making us anxious.

We were planning on heading East to Curacao and then to Bonaire, our original destination upon leaving the Bahamas.  Bonaire is a diving Mecca for us.  Every place we dive, we always compare to Bonaire.  Before we purchased Uno Mas in 2009, we would dive Bonaire every few years.  We love the easy shore access to its double reef system.  Our 35 mm photographs from Bonaire used to line our “fish” hallway.  With all of the dead reefs we have been finding in the Bahamas, Angie needed to see Bonaire again, to make sure it is still pristine.

However, things change.  Cruise ships now frequent Bonaire.  It is now so much more touristy.  The diving reviews have had mixed posts, everything from the corals are dead to it is just as good as it ever was (which would depend on what year they are actually comparing it to), but the smalls are still plentiful.  Primarily though, we do not want to beat into the wind again, going against the current, wind and waves.  (Sound familiar??)  We have been questioning whether it is worth the 1.5 days of getting the crap kicked out of us and Uno Mas again.  We have come to the conclusion that it just isn’t worth it at this point.  We need to learn to sail with the weather and conditions instead of against them and forcing our way to a destination.

Our plans now are to head to Columbia.  It is a country that has much historically, culturally, and architecturally to offer. However, finding the right time to go, even with deciding to go with the wind, waves and current, is taking time.  It seems that the best time to go is around the times of the Tropical Storms.  There are a few days when the seas and winds die just as the storms pass.  We will not be leaving during the typical 35 knot Aruba winds.  We are looking more for 5-10 knots with the expectation that they will actually be 10-20.

So, we have plenty to do while we are here, waiting for the proper weather.  There are always boat projects.  Things are constantly breaking or springing leaks.  There are always sewing projects to do. (A fully enclosed cockpit, for example.)  There are always road trips and checking out snorkeling or diving sites.

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