Aruba – Day Tripping with the Rental Car – Take 2

July 8, 2017

Bouganvilla Villa, RT 2

Getting Lost Along the Way

Ruins 2, RT 2 Slate Walkways, RT 2 Well, RT 2Ruins 4, RT 2

On day two, we found an old gold mine processing plant ruin that was spectacular.  It had beautiful green and blue slate walkways, and nice stone structures and views.

View from Ruins, RT 2 Ruins 3, RT 2 Gold Smelter Ruins, RT2 Cacti 2, RT 2


We then headed North to the California lighthouse, stopping at Casa Del Mar in the Lo Rise resort area for lunch at Matthew’s.  The views were beautiful and the food was spectacular.

Matthews, RT 2 Cacti 1, RT 2

The lighthouse tour was terrific. We climbed to the top with our guide, Mitchell, who is studying to be a pilot at the Daytona Beach flight school.  Mitchell and Mark talked quite a bit about airplanes and the winds around Aruba.  The winds were blowing 40+ knots at the top of the tower.  It was fantastic and Mark was able to light the beacon!

CA LH, RT 2 The beacon, RT 2 M & A at the top, RT 2 Arashi Beach view from LH, RT 2 The Dunes, RT 2

The views from the restaurant at the lighthouse are beautiful too.  You could look over the Arashi Beach area where there are a lot of diving and snorkeling sites.  We were looking to see if there was a nice sandy spot where we could anchor Uno Mas when our time at the marina was up.  You could see the sand dunes lining the Northern part of the island as well.

LH Rest Entrance, RT 2 LH Restaurant View, RT 2

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