Aruba  – Close to the political turmoil in Venezuela

While using the wifi at Renaissance, we befriended a local.  We asked about snorkeling and diving along the more southern area of the island.  She said that the area was great for that.  However, you do not want to go at dusk or after dark. “Really?  Why?”  Well, the sharks now associate the Coast Guard boat motor noise with splashes in the water, when the refugees vacate a vessel and try to swim to shore, before being sent back by the Coast Guard.  As soon as the people go into the water, they are attacked by sharks and the water turns to blood.  Angie stated that it must be horrific for the Coast Guard to watch that.  The lady says her friends are pretty much desensitized from it at this point. It happens almost daily.

So, now, we are uncertain about wanting to go snorkeling and diving.  How different is the outboard motor noise from the Coast Guards’ boats from ours?

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