High Rise Beach, Aruba – Going to Shore

 May 1-4, 2017  

Kissing the Ground

We were still putting Uno Mas back together and finally started making meals, doing laundry, cleaning mold off of the vinyl ceiling, and actually working on blog posts.  Mark replaced the starboard automatic bilge pump.  It had a bad sensor and was cycling every 2 minutes.

Laundry Day
Laundry Day
The rebuilding of the fancy boat hook
The rebuilding of the fancy boat hook

We decided to brave the 35 knot winds and white caps and dinghied to shore to see if we could find open wifi. It was surreal walking around a touristy area with huge hotels, restaurants, lots of people, shopping malls, etc.  We have not been to an area like this since leaving Key Biscayne in Florida three months ago. We had sensory overload! Nachos and mojitos never tasted so good!  Angie, of course, now is dealing with land sickness (Where one feels like they are still moving up and down on a boat, while trying to walk on land.  Good times.) We also needed to go to the airport to try to change our flights from Bonaire to Aruba for flying back to the States.  The $50 round-trip by taxi was a bit surprising, but we needed to try to get things figured out sooner versus later. Our day flying out is going to be a LONG one. It was cheaper to get one way tickets from Aruba to Bonaire and catch our original flight, than to pay the change ticket fees. They were still $$$.  Aruba-Curacao-Bonaire-Atlanta-Jacksonville. (Did I mention we are taking our defunct wind generator back as carry-on to try to deal with warrantying it? )

Dos Pirate Ships
Dos Pirate Ships
Dude, Your boat is sinking
Dude, Your boat is sinking

The Hi Rise Beach area is also home to a vast number of tourist boat operators. There are pirate ships, trimarans and catamarans taking tourists out to snorkel and dive sites.  There are fishing excursions, submarine boats with glass bottoms to look at the reefs, party booze cruises and sunset dinner cruises. On the Northern side of the bay is a huge windsurfing and parasailing area. There is a constant flow of boats filled to the brim and beyond with people passing by us daily. While the Low Rise Beach has the jet skiers, the Hi Rise Beach has the power boaters pulling tubers throughout the anchorage. Again, our boat turned into an apex for whipping the tubers around.  Some of these tubing boats would come REALLY close to Uno Mas, with their wakes causing items to be tossed around inside our boat; However, it was still better than what we went through during the crossing. (We now seem to have a new tolerance level and comparison standard for boat movement after that 6.5 day beating.)    We are going to stay here a few days until we need to go to the marina where we will leave Uno Mas while we travel to the States.

Panoram 1, Hi Rise 1 Panoram 2, Hi Rise 1 Panoram 3, Hi Rise 1 Panoram 4, Hi Rise 1

Panorama of Hi Rise Area – Ritz Carlton to Riu

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