North End of Victoria Bay, Great Inagua, Bahamas

April 13-17, 2017

Inevitably, the seas escalated and the surge wrap around found us.  Both Mark and Angie ended up on Bonine while trying to finish up the projects.  Mark installed the port stairway blue led lights while lining the steps with fabric. He only let out a little smoke while rewiring the nav desk for the new monitors. (Due to cutting a live 110v wire.) Mark is still trying to contact Casper to arrange for the bird sanctuary tour.  We are making good use of our bug screens!  Angie got the blog posts updated through Key Biscayne.  Unfortunately, our newly rebuilt wind generator bearings seem to be loose at the base pivot.  Again, we only got 2 months out of it. This really is unacceptable for living on the boat full time and traveling around the world.  Mark checked and cleaned the props, hoping that would take care of the new vibration we were experiencing earlier.

Happy Easter! Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Happy Easter! Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Angie is now trying Stugeron for the motion sickness (Found in the Bahamas, but not approved by the US FDA).  It seems to not make her as drowsy, and she can function.  She is slowly coming to the realization that she might have an actual motion sickness issue. The fabric cushion on the stairways has tremendously helped Angie sleeping at night, so life is getting better!

Weather Models for heading to Bonaire
Weather Models for heading to Bonaire

However, we are a bit disappointed in Great Inagua.  We had high expectations and so far, nothing has really lived up to the hype.   Great Inagua has a reputation for being a place only hardcore, salty sailors hang out.  We are slowing understanding why.  We are waiting for a 7 day weather crossing to get to Bonaire.  However, the island does not have much to offer us in the activities we enjoy, sightseeing, provisioning for a long passage, nor in calm anchoring. We could be stuck here for over a month.

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