Water Cay, Jumentos, Bahamas

Mar 29, 2017

We departed Elizabeth Island at 8:20 AM. Hopefully, we timed it right for the Hog Cay Cut to pass through to the South, around high tide. This cut is shallow, and we want to have as much water under us as possible. 8 ft of water under the keel in flat water turns into 4 ft when you have 8 ft waves!

Get in Line, Water Cay, Jum The Cut, Departing from Elizabeth, Water Cay, Jum

It appears that about 10 other boats and the island supply ferry had the same timing in mind as we maneuvered to be in line for the cut, heading out to sea by Fowl Cay.  The cut at Fowl Cay was rolling and rocking.  We heeled over 15-20 degrees on the Tilt-o-meter, something a catamaran should rarely (If ever??) do. “No Cowboy Sailing” is a label that we have under the Tilt-o-meter to remind us of this.  However, when you are in the middle of it, there is nothing you can do but take it and get through it. The island ferry passed us and its bow was riding high out of the water.

Up close and personal, Water Cay, Jum Note to Self, Water Cay, Jum

We were a bit miffed that all of these boats were heading South with us.  After hanging out in the Exumas and Georgetown areas for so long, we were looking forward to seclusion, and “our own private island” time in the Jumentos.  How dare somebody else have the same idea??  As we moved further South, boats started peeling off.  Some headed towards Long Island. Some headed towards the Acklins.  Only 2-3 kept heading towards Hog.  We were advised that the anchorages in the Jumentos were small and could only handle one or two boats at a time.  Hopefully, we will be able to find a safe place to park and act like no one else is around.

Well, the timing of going through Hog Cay Cut was a bit off.  The tide had already changed, we were going against the current, instead of with, and the cut was churned up like a washing machine.  We dropped the sails and motored through. Except for one shallow area, we stayed in about 8 feet of water.  So, at least we were closer to high tide than low tide.

We sailed most of the way with numerous sail changes, various mixes of Main and Gennie, as well as the Code Zero, for when the winds really died down.

We got into Water Cay at 4:40 PM and there were already 10 boats in the anchorage. 3 large sharks greeted us and swam through the anchorage quite a few times.  Angie swears 4-5 PM is shark feeding time, wherever we go.

Uno Mas at Anchor, Water Cay, Jum

Water Cay has some nice long beaches, and it was good to have a sunset again, where we could hope for another green flash, while enjoying a tasty beverage.

It is good to be on the move again!

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