Elizabeth Island, Lower Exumas, Bahamas

 Mar 28, 2017

We moved to Elizabeth Island, for better positioning for departing to the Jumentos Cays tomorrow morning.  We were hoping to snorkel the beautiful coral in the cut just North of Fowl Cay, but the Atlantic waters were crashing over the reef.  This was a bummer for Angie.  It was another one of her favorite spots.  However, there were plenty of things to do before we head out, off the grid for a few weeks.

Elizabeth Island - Private
Elizabeth Island – Private

Sognare liked the scuba and propane tank flames so much, that Craig requested yellow flames with purple outline, to shoot out from his engine exhaust holes.  He also needed a MOB flag as well. Angie was happy to oblige, and thought that they would make nice parting  gifts!

Ancohrage looking North
Ancohrage looking North

Of course, more computer banking and paying bills had to be done, and we had to finalize the additional boat insurance premium for having Uno Mas in the hurricane belt during hurricane season.  Mark did his final check for wind, waves and weather.

Mark also recaulked the starboard sugar scoop that is leaking (Another semi-annual project), and strapped down all of our storage items, to keep them from crashing, if we get into seas.

The scoop
The scoop

Mark actually took a few minutes and decided to snorkel over to a coral head that was close to the boat.  Last year, we saw a few nice sized groupers on the coral heads just off the private island.  Instead, a nice sized, very large, thick bodied, shark (Not a Nurse Shark), decided to swim between Uno Mas and the coral head while Mark was in the water.  Since the water was murky anyways, Mark decided to head back to the boat.

Coral head off the back of the boat
Coral head off the back of the boat

For our last night together, we had Sognare over for dinner.  Angie made egg-free, dairy-free spanakopita, Greek salad, cheese, cracker and olive spread, and Sognare brought over Craig’s favorite Italian Chianti. It was a wonderful meal with good conversation and great friends. It was yet another  parting.  We are anxious to continue South and see new places, but leaving our friends always puts a damper on the excitement.  However, you never know when you will see someone again.  So, until Next Time, Sognare!

Off the Grid!
No Truer Saying Than This!


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