Leaving St. Augustine, FL – Another Home

Our view out the back of the RV while in St A
Our view out the back of the RV while in St A

February, 2017

St. Augustine and St. Augustine Marine Center have been like a second home for us for 8 years.  We love the town.  We have met some really great friends and people from there.  Again, it was hard for Angie.

Bathroom Bandits stole the TP!
Bathroom Bandits stole the TP!

Even though we changed everything over to Ohio, as far as our official residence, it does not feel like “home” to us.  When people ask where we are from, we say Colorado. In a last minute panic attack, a week before we would be leaving, Angie decided to look at real estate, and then it escalated, and she started looking at cars. You know, to store, in the vacant garage/out buildings.  Of course, we had to look at distressed properties that needed a lot of TLC.  You know, to fix and flip, but in reality, we would hold onto for 15-25 years.  The fervor calmed down, after the reality check of when, where, how, and WHY.    But, it still feels odd to not have a real home to go back to.  Something solid, and on land.   However, it is slowly setting in that “home” is really where ever Uno Mas is.  I think that is why it is going to be so difficult to leave Uno Mas during hurricane season for over a month, especially if a hurricane has a chance of hitting while we are gone.  If we were there, we could run from the storm, we could prep, we could make sure Uno Mas is as safe as it can be.  Leaving is going to be difficult and will definitely put Angie in a funk. There will be constant worry.

SAMC Pelican Mascot
SAMC Pelican Mascot

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