Elizabeth Island, Exumas

Mar 9-11, 2016

We decided to look for an anchorage with less surge and boat movement, and to get out of the mix of all of the other boaters. At least one boat seems to drag anchor, and there are multiple dinghies that let loose, on a daily basis.

eliz island our turtle beach eliz

We checked out a few coral heads in the area, hoping for some decent snorkeling. It was cloudy and the water temp was chilly, but we did see a large Nassau grouper, some schools of snapper and grunts and a cowfish. We are in a marine park, so no fishing for that grouper. We ended up at “our” little beach to warm up in the sun and saw multiple turtles popping their heads up in front of us. This was the first day for Angie to run the dinghy this trip. It was good to know that she can pull start it. Her upper body strength is improving, with having to work the anchoring gear. It does not completely knock her out anymore, and the grunting is getting less.

defrost eliz

Mark noticed the wind generator (with it blowing 20+ at night) was not keeping the batteries charged up overnight. So, it is time to defrost the freezer and fridg. It seems to be a monthly occurrence.   He also changed the oil on the generator (now with 197 hours on it) and checked out a fuel leak in the starboard engine compartment. He tightened some clamps and the fuel bleed at the injector pump. Hopefully, that takes care of it.

meteor eliz meteor at  night eliz

We are in this anchorage with a 150 ft schooner named Meteor and a fishing boat. We do not know how tall the masts are on the sailboat, but it is lit up like a Christmas tree at night, even under water. It is a beautiful thing!

new seeds planted eliz lines to helm eliz lines to helm 2 eliz

The people caretaking on Elizabeth Island like to check us out every day, to make sure we are not in their private beach and mangrove areas. Unfortunately, all they see is Angie repotting her garden or working on blog posts and Mark drilling holes. We heard a house alarm go off earlier, but it was not us trying to break-in, before today’s drive-by, sending their wake at us. We can appreciate the gesture. I would want to keep unsavory sailor types, such as ourselves, off of our private areas as well.

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