Elizabeth Island, Exumas – Again

Mar 11, 2016

We up anchored and went back across the channel to George Town.  The Bahama Family Music Festival is happening.  We had some great food and listened to a steel drum player for quite a while.  We saw a dolphin on our way across the channel.   It was also time to do our last bit of provisioning before heading to the outer islands on Sunday.

Anyone need large quantities of MSG?  No?  How about Chicken “Paws?”  No?  The chicken “Paws” actually ended up on Uno Mas.  Mark thinks this is what is lacking in us trying to catch crabs in our crabpot.

msg gt2  (1) Provisioning - chicken paws bloggy

Angie really likes this smaller pirate looking type ketch hanging out in the George Town harbor.  The wind and waves were much calmer this time around.  No full blown dinghy swamp this time (probably because Angie brought her gear)!

pirate ship gt2

And, it is time to head further south, until the Coconut Oil melts.  That is how we know we finally found a stopping point.

until the coco butter melts eliz

We ended back at Elizabeth Island.  Angie needs to get these blog posts uploaded.  It takes an hour to download 10 photos.  Angie also read about a dinghy theft on Facebook which kept her up worrying most of the night, playing “What’s that sound?”  We need to rig up a better anti-theft system.

Looks like we are going to anchor off Fowl Cay and see if we can find some decent snorkeling in the morning.  Lots of boats are heading out of the area over the next couple of days.  Most of them are heading North.  A few are heading to Long Island in a Rally-Race. Some are heading to Cuba, and some are heading to the outer islands.  We shall see who we come across.

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