“Sonjare” Cay – Black Cay, Exumas

Feb 11-13, 2016

We had to leave at high tide to get past the shallow areas heading south. We wanted to check out Glass Cay for an anchorage, but it looked like the surge would keep the boat rocking. So, we ended back at Black Cay, anchored off the little beach in front of Elvis’ relative’s new construction. We spent some time there last year.

Black Cay Palms

Angie was busy caulking and recaulking the leaky hatches. The caulk from November seems to have completely disintegrated. The first clear caulk application this time seems to have failed as well, so round two is now on. Angie needs to start sewing up hatch covers at this point.

When good caulk fails
When good caulk fails

Our salt water washdown pump switch failed. Now, it is only turned on and off by a dedicated breaker. That switch lasted 2 years, if that??

We dinghied over to Levi Cay. Good shelling and beach. It could go on the list! And, we went around Sugar Cay to make sure we could find the blue holes again for diving and snorkeling. Also, we decided to dinghy around the cay to see what was like on the west side. It was super shallow. Mark blew out his flip flop (again, but in a different place than where Mark had previously sewed it). Angie ended up pulling him in the dinghy along the shore until we found deep enough water to start the motor. Great photo op missed!

"I blew out my flip flop..." twice
“I blew out my flip flop…” twice

We also went to Rolleville, looking for the fish tacos at the Shoreline Bar and Grill. Angie was certain as far as its location, much to Mark’s certainty that she was wrong. This “discussion” led to us hitting the dinghy props twice on something or being grounded, and a very LONG walk through town. Then, a very long walk back to the dinghy after the place was found, to grab the dinghy and go right back to where Angie said it would be. (Also, it does not hurt to ask someone walking down the road for directions, now does it??) Anyways, we found the place. The fish tacos were a good as we remembered. However, the dinghy ride back across the Bank was very wet and bumpy.

Elvis’ pigs are still at White Cay, but now are part of the tour boat stops.  They will swim out to you on a sandbar.   Very similar to the most popular Big Majors pig beach up in the Central Exumas.  We did not stop.  Angie does not like full size pigs trying to get in the dinghy.  Besides, they will not eat the cabbage or carrots, they prefer lobster.

We found another unnamed great little cay between White and Black, so we named it “Grey Cay.” The terrain diversity and mounds of dead coral chunks were interesting as well. Could be another stop for our friends.

We went back across to the mainland and had the Bahama dinner buffet on Saturday for $20 and reconnected with Elvis and Maryanne at the Exuma Point Restaurant.  Love these guys and their food is spectacular!

The Feast from Last Year
The Feast from Last Year

All of this running around on the dinghy, we realize there is a new sound coming out of the outboard. It seems that the thrust washer is chattering. We will need to find a replacement in George Town when we pick up our friends.

nice kitty black

Little Miss Fatsy Chill’n

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