Morgan’s Bluff, Andros – Allen’s Cay, Exumas – Finally, Some Good to Outweigh the Bad

Jan 29, 2016

So, it looks like we had two days before another front would be rolling through again. (Can we say, another “Weather Window??) Our options were to go to New Providence (and Hopefully See Wendy and Chad….That would be NICE!), hang out behind Rose Island (Sonjare piqued our interest last year with tales of coral heads to snorkel off your stern) or, if we were making good time, head to the Central Exumas. Angie wanted to check out a few islands we missed last year. Namely, she wanted to see the prehistoric looking pink iguanas on Allen’s Cay and the downed drug airplane at Norman’s Cay.

We had some pretty big seas until we got behind New Providence and turned. We were making good time, had smooth sailing with the genoa out, and decided to continue.

sails up - Allens

There were 5 other boats already in the tight anchorage at Allen’s, so we decided to try South Cay and got stuck in sand. Ti Amo hailed us and told us about a good anchoring spot, just infront of the iguana beach on Leaf Cay. Three other boats came in and anchored behind us and another party catamaran was lit up like Christmas.

South Cay
South Cay

The new anchor bridle had chaffed from the night before at the thimble/hardware so we needed to work on that, and see some iguanas.

Yep, they are there. They are prehistoric looking and pink, and they are accustomed to being fed, as evidenced by all of the Nassau tour boats showing up and dishing out food, even though you are not supposed to feed them.

See the sign?  Don't feed the iguanas!
See the sign? Don’t feed the iguanas!
Mark's friend
Mark’s friend

M and iguana - Allens M n A on Allens iguana - allens

The water temp was 79.9 degrees at Andros and 73 degrees in the Exumas. Whaaatt?? We need to get warm again.

Angie was a bit antsy, given our previous night’s dragging event and stayed up until 430, waiting for the tide to change and shift us around. We were good.

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