Morgans Bluff, Andros – Aftermath Boatwork Day – Waiting for the Storm to Pass

Jan 28, 2016

Let the repairs begin. Mark ran a new reef line, repaired the genoa line, installed a new cleat, installed a new Main sheet cam lock, added check valves at the auto bilge discharge so sea water cannot backflow into the boat, and transferred fuel. We are trying Paracord now for the trampoline lines. Angie planted the herb and lettuce boxes, transplanted two Christmas cactus’ that have managed to come along for the ride, bleached the helm, helm chair and table covers, did one load of laundry, whipped a bunch of line ends, and worked the dinghy chaps. She also rebuilt our Man Overboard Pole connection lines.  Go figure, something that is supposed to wear in the weather, completely disintegrated in less than one year.  How is that for “marine grade” gear?

Our MOB pole lines bloggy

We went ashore and purchased a data card for the cell phone to use as a “HotSpot.” However, the phone would not work. So, still no internet. But, there were $2.50 Bush Crack beer and we talked with a family that had been hanging out in the marina for a few weeks. Seems that there is a 9 foot bull shark that likes to come into the Bay to feed every night.  It is good to get local knowledge of a place.

We noticed that all except one boat in the anchorage moved to find better protection from the storm that was to be rolling through at night. Mark checked our anchor. It was marginal, at best and we were aimed at a concrete wall if the winds shifted and gusted. There really wasn’t a better place to go. Where the other boats went, we still would get worked over. Better to stay out of the mix.

It was yet another Bonine kind of night. Angie stayed up most of the night looking at the chart plotter wind gusts, direction, and boat movement. We held pretty good throughout the worst of it. Then, at 6 am, we drug anchor. We get false alarms every once in awhile when we loose gps connection. However, the boat stayed in the new location and started tracking back and forth on the chart plotter. We drug and were hooked back in again, at least for a moment. Mark woke up when he felt the boat stop moving the way it had been with the winds.   We both felt it at the same time. It was just breaking daylight, so we hauled anchor and got out of there. The other boat near us drug anchor as well. Mark’s anchor alarms went off after were moving out of the Bay. (Need to change those parameters.) We hauled up the anchor under flashlight. All in all, it went smoothly.

Second anchor drag app that we use
Second anchor drag app that we use
One of two anchor drag apps
One of two anchor drag apps

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