Lumber Cay – Great Exuma Island, Anchored off Barraterre – Hiding from the NW-W. What’s that sound?

Feb 8-9, 2016

There is no protection from a Westerly wind in the Southern Exuma Cays, so we decided to anchor off the mainland, waiting to see what the winds clocking around were going to do. The passage down took 6 hours of motoring out in the Atlantic. There was no wind for us to raise a sail. Mark had the fishing lines out, but no luck. It took over 3 hours to try to book flights for Mark to go back to Colorado at the end of the month. We now have internet, but it is slow and sporadic.

Hanging off Barreterre
Hanging off Barreterre

We had a rough night playing, “What is that sound?” Angie – That is the boat riding over the anchor chain, chunking out the hull. Imminent sinking. Nope. Mark – It is the dinghy slapping against the hull. Go up, tighten the lines. Nope. Mark – just waves slapping the hull. Nope, not consistent with the waves moving the boat. Angie – Go up and walk around the boat. Reef lines in boom are not tight and smacking against the metal. Tightened the reef lines. Nope. Deduction: Wind generator making a HARD stop at high wind speeds. (Mark) Anchor snubber length needs adjustment and boat is jerking on the bridle or windlass when the bridle hook falls off (Angie).  To be determined.

Mark fixed the port berth vinyl ceiling that has decided to fall down. Our side did it last year about this time. We need to find a permanent fix, but right now, contact adhesive and a few dabs of hot glue worked.   Would love to be able to strip the old adhesive and foam backer off and just epoxy paint the rounded areas. We shall see. Maybe that would help with the mold showing up? Again…. Something about 91% humidity inside the boat at times tends to get the old moldy spots causing much angst for Angie.

Mark took some personal time and when fishing off the cliffs near shore, hoping for a few lobsters or a nice fish. Didn’t happen.

We started scoping out the cays in this area for when we have friends arriving in less than 2 weeks. We need to have a few options depending on what the weather is going to do and make sure we find some good spots to see. We have to wait for tides to run some of the inner passages due to it being so shallow. We can do some Atlantic jaunts, but the wind and waves need to be with us.

cacti barre

My cacti like this weather and are soon to bloom!  However, we found Mean Kitty using my lettuce and herb gardens for a litter box.  They got placed up high, but it is probably too late.

herbs and lettuce up barre

We took a very rough dinghy ride across the way to check out Childrens Bay Cay and Pigeon Cay. CBC had a beautiful little beach with palms but it is private so you cannot roam past the high water line on the beach. Pigeon Cay is a very cool little island but only good if the winds are coming from the South or West for a dinghy landing.

Double Hammock Hung - Check!
Double Hammock Hung – Check!

We finished up the majority of the boat projects and even got the hammocks out. It is about time!

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