Highbourne Cay-Norman’s Cay, Exumas

Jan 31, 2016

The 2 hour trip to Norman’s Cay was an easy motor. It looked a bit stormy, but nothing really happened. Angie whipped more ends of lines and stitched some on the anchor bridle chafe guard. It is a project that keeps on needing adjustments. Nice Kitty (aka: Fats or Fatsy) did two promenade deck walk-abouts and checked out the bows. She is getting more adventurous. Angie worked on blinging up the guest bathroom mirror with glass tile and we headed to McDuff’s Bar and Grill. For $65 we had 1 beer, 1 wine and split a club sandwich with fries. We are done with eating out until we get to George Town. The meals really are not worth the expense.

Mirror Craft Day
Mirror Craft Day


We walked off the sandwich by checking out the south end of the island. Walked around the airport runway, around the man-made Pond and checked out the inside anchorage, hoping to see the airplane that is in the water and find some good snorkeling.  This airport brought in 90% of the drug trafficking back in the day.  There are some good stories to read about this little island.

welcome to normans airport walk about normans

All of the good snorkeling seems to be out in the Atlantic. Angie is not interested in fighting the waves or getting tossed around the dinghy, so time to move on.

Nice boat hanging in the back anchorage
Nice boat hanging in the back anchorage

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