Hawksbill Cay-Little Pipe Creek, Exumas

Feb 3-4, 2016

We LOVE the Pipe Creek Area of the Central Exumas! The scenery is beautiful and we can get some good snorkeling in! We dinghy drift snorkeled the rocks off of Thomas Cay that we so enjoyed last year. We even saw a small shark and a very large Lionfish. Mark could not entice the Lionfish out of its hiding place.

Pipe Creek

After a few beach landings and “refits,” Angie is pretty much done with the dinghy chaps for now. We need some hypalon glue to attach Velcro to the tubes for the final fit, but it is good for now. Our glue stash was used up and didn’t want to stick. Angie also worked on making a seat cushion for our “cooler” dinghy seat. Her back cannot take the slamming on some of the dinghy rides. Mark finished up the electric winch interior cover and moved a bunch of our “stores” to the port forward “garage.” We have WAYYY too much stuff.

inside electric winch cover
inside electric winch cover

We watched, as 5 tour boats showed up, running full throttle by our boat, to hang out at “Our” sandbar that we were anchored near, for the entire day.   We wonder how much people pay for stuff like that and are thankful that we can hang out as long as we want (as long as we do not have a deadline to meet, right?)

Our sand bar
Our sand bar

We saw bioluminescence in the water under a clear, starry sky.   For some reason, the No-See-Ums thought it was a good time to start snacking as well.

Hello Kitty!
Hello Kitty!

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