Gulf Stream Crossing – Biscayne Bay, Miami – Cat Cay, Bimini, Bahamas – …..Weather Windows, Weather Windows….

Jan 25, 2016

It was still chilly. 51 degrees in Miami when we left. But, the water temp was 71. (I will take it!) Everyone had more Bonine. Unfortunately, we had a VERY rough crossing. The kitties did not handle it well, and neither did Angie. For someone who NEVER got seasick, she now has much greater sympathy for those who do. She has had problems with vertigo for over a year now, and some things still do not feel right in the head, after the motorcycle accident. The drugs pretty much knocked her out the entire trip. She woke up, just as we were entering the cut for North Cat Cay in Bimini.

Down -n- Out
Down -n- Out

The trip started out ok. We had dolphins escort us out of the Bay at sunrise. However, the Gulf Stream was a turmoil. It was one of those situations where, you either turn around, and endure hell going back, or keep going, hoping it will end soon. Mark heard fishing boats talking to each other over the VHF, stating that the seas calmed down, once out of the Gulf Stream. He continued on. We didn’t know when we would have another “decent??” weather window to cross. They were coming around about once every 15 days. We could not wait that long. We had friends arriving in George Town, Great Exuma in less than a month and had a long way to get there.

At Cat Cay, you can spend a night at the marina, pay an extra $100 to get through customs, and we would be one day closer to crossing the Bank to Chub Cay in the Berries. So, we decided to spend the extra money because we didn’t know if we would have to wait for a better crossing the Bank “weather window”.

The check in went rather smooth, considering. Besides bringing in cats (we know how THAT process works since this is our second time), we are also carrying guns and ammo this go around. Before we left, Angie told Mark we should just carry a brick of shells for each gun. They count the ammo when we check-in, so it would make it much easier and get the authorities off our boat quicker. We have to leave the Bahamas with the same amount, with no spent shells. (Think about it….If we really have to unload more than a couple rounds of our ammo, we would most likely not survive. ¼ inch fiberglass is not going to stop anything.) Well, Mark forgot, and we took 555 rounds. Angie was dumbfounded. (The customs guy is going to have a grand time counting all of THAT!)

cat cay cat cay 2

It wasn’t as bad as Angie envisioned. It all went rather smoothly. We ended the day with an expensive, all-things-fried meal at the clubhouse. (Angie’s intestines are going to revolt from all of the grease.)

The marina waters are gin clear, so we turned on the water maker for the first time. However, where did all of these flies come from?? At least they were not biting.

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