Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Biscayne Bay, Miami

Jan 23-24, 2016

We picked up a mooring ball overnight in Ft. L. With the huge headsets on, the mooring ball pick up went VERY smooth. I don’t care if we look like geeks. ( You would think one would get used to that??) The lack of stress was well worth it. Maybe we should look into more streamline units? We had a nice beach walk, as well as picked up French pastries for breakfast and had a quick meal at the Quarterdeck. Angie was already wanting a burger.

Good Bye Ft Lauderdale Cruise Ships---They are Massive!
Good Bye Ft Lauderdale Cruise Ships—They are Massive!

In the morning, we fueled up and could not believe it was 40 degrees outside and inside, AGAIN. We just cannot seem to get away from the cold. Since we were going out into the ocean, we Bonine’d everyone up, including the kitties. We motorsailed with the Genoa out, making 5-6 knots. FINALLY, some gorgeous blue water. Once we turned South, the engines were cut and we were SAILING. (It makes Angie’s heart “Sing” ….The same feeling she gets when on a racetrack and riding the motorcycle. LOVE IT!)

Ahhh....Blue Water Again!
Ahhh….Blue Water Again!
Hello, Miami!
Hello, Miami!

We anchored off of No Name Harbor which was full of boats. Had a nice party catamaran anchor next to us. We kept an eye on it. Three “kids” jumped in the water, having a great time, not realizing the current was carrying them away from their boat. We kept an eye on them. Finally, one of the more responsible partiers saw his friends and decided to row the dinghy out to get them. Of course, he rowed with the wide end, aft instead of the bow. Mark yelled that it would go much better if he turned the boat around to row. It took a bit, but everyone got in the dinghy. Cold and tired, and a bit scared. It was then time for them to row against the current, back to their party cat. We kept an eye on them. It took a very long time for them to reach their destination, but I think they sobered up a bit.

We had last minute projects to complete before crossing the Gulf Stream. The weather, wind and waves looked good so we were only going to be in Biscayne Bay overnight. The power boats running through here do not slow down for all of the sailboats anchored. So, we had our fair share of stuff being tossed around the boat. It does not just happen in a monohull.

New bridle hardware
New bridle hardware

We installed the new anchor bridle with chafe guard and had to upsize the shackle and hardware. Mark got the reef lines and bungees attached on the Main. Angie worked the last bit of paperwork that she could and made lasagna for the crossing.

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