Exuma Point Restaurant-Black Cay, Exumas …. Friends Arrival

Feb 19, 2016

Angie was up all night again due to the hull slamming, and, to top it all off, a lower back nerve got pinched on that dinghy ride last night. Heavy pain meds and muscle relaxers were the only way she could move today.

The boat hauling the construction workers to Black Cay capsized behind us due to the winds and waves last night. Not good. However, Uno Mas seemed to stay put. We felt that we could leave for most of the day, and she would not budge.

They were able to upright the boat that had capsized with a backhoe.  However, it was a total loss.  Mark gained some strong Karma points early in the day by dinghying the construction workers’ lunch over to them on Black Cay before we picked our friends up at the airport.

Elvis and Maryanne hooked us up with a rental van to pick up our friends at the airport. The new plan in place is to anchor off their restaurant, without wind protection in the 25+ blow out of the East. Then, get 4 people, their gear, the provisioning and beverages onboard, and motor over to Black Cay for a better night’s sleep. We would have surge, but at least not be worked over by the wind.

It was a very long day for our friends, having to run around George Town with us after taking a Red Eye and sleeping in an airport for only an hour.   Good thing we had them Bonine up beforehand.  We also had to have dry bags for all of the goods. The short 3 trips from the shore to our boat proved to be the wettest ones yet, with full on rollers coming over the front, completely covering everyone. Our dinghy never had so much weight in it, but it kept on going.

We hightailed it to Black Cay after everyone got toweled off. We had a late lunch in Georgetown, so sundowners helped the sleep come early.

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