Emerald Bay Marina – Here we go Again

Feb 25 – Mar 4, 2016

Unfortunately, our friends left us with their cold/flu.  Mark flew to Colorado to take care of some quarterly service clients and Angie is working the blog.   So far, it has taken about 30 hours to get the blog up to date while trying not to throw up or poo the pants during the coughing, sneezing, and fever fits.  Angie is hoping she will lose some weight because nothing is sticking around at this point. Angie’s flu has been amplified by over 157 No-See-Um and/or mosquito bites.  One thing about a protected marina, is the lack of wind.  When there is no wind, the bugs are evil.  The bites happened over a period of two nights.

Uno Mas sitting Pretty
Uno Mas sitting Pretty

Before Mark left, we went to George Town for the Cruiser Regatta.  We thought it would be a “happening thing” not to be missed.  However, we mistook the Cruiser Regatta for the Family Regatta.  The Family Regatta is when the locals come out to party.  Cruisers party like cruisers.  We were a bit disappointed except that we found our friend Dave from Cross Seas!!!  It was the highlight of the day, seeing him and then having a Lobster dinner on his boat that night.  He caught a couple of goliath ones!! They were unbelievable!

George Town dinghy dock
George Town dinghy dock

Angie’s daily walk to the clubhouse to work on the blog posts is “littered” with interesting finds.  Such as, all of this plastic washing into the marina.  It is so sad to see the garbage that makes it to shore.  And, mostly, it is plastic.  It constantly reminds her of the plastic garbage dump the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific ocean.  Here in the Bahamas, it is everywhere along the Atlantic shores, stuck in the iron shore or on the beaches.  If there are no resort or people to clean it up, then it keeps accumulating.  Sometimes, people will get together, like on Manjack, clean it up and burn it.  Or, if the island is inhabited and touristy, people or the resorts will clean it up.  Most of the places we like to visit are the remote and uninhabited islands, so we have seen our fair share.

Plastic Garbage in the Marina
Plastic Garbage in the Marina

After the daily blog work walk, it is nice to finally see the two kitties snuggling again.  They have been a bit miffed at each other for  awhile.

kitty snuggle emerald

We are still trying to figure out where we will head once Mark returns.  We have thought about the Jumentos, the Raggeds, the outer islands like Rum Cay, San Salvador, Cat Cay and Eleuthera.  We also have Cuba on the radar.  Who knows where the wind will take us in the future!


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