Black Cay-Lee Stocking Island, Exumas – Another Green Flash!

Feb 15-17, 2016

We love the Square Rock-White Cay area. Some good snorkeling, some good sight seeing, beaches, hiking, diving, and “Food” across the way.  However, getting worked over by the surge EVERY night was wearing on us. So, we decided to check out anchorages further north that would offer better sleeping conditions.

Sunset at Lee Stocking Island
Sunset at Lee Stocking Island

We ended up being boat #9 at the LSI South anchorage. It is a beautiful cove with a few beaches to choose from, and some nice hikes to do, such as going to the highest elevation in the Exumas. And, most of all, it offers calmer nights without surge. We pulled in, and ran the generator all day for making water and doing laundry.

"Our Beach"
“Our Beach”

There is an abandoned Marine Life Research Center on the island that is like walking through an apocalyptic scene in a movie. Computers and files are still there. A hyperbaric chamber is still there, along with pressure gauges that have not be stolen. It is rather earie. However, there are better roads/trails to hike from the research center than trudging through the vegetation trails that should require a machete, if we ever thought to bring one. Funny how the walk back always seems shorter than the arduous initial exploration. (….Are we there yet? If we turn around now, we will miss what is just around the corner and will be upset with ourselves. This trail has GOT to end SOMEWHERE. There had better be a beach at the end of this trail…Angie’s thoughts during the “Let’s see where THIS trail leads” exploration.)

Tallest peak in the Exumas
Tallest peak in the Exumas

The boat cleaning and pre-cooking commenced.

Nice Kitty Supervising the Cooking and Cleaning
Nice Kitty Supervising the Cooking and Cleaning

This area also offers snorkeling off of Norman’s Pond Cay, and visiting other prehistoric looking pink iguanas that are WAAYYY bigger than the ones at Allen’s Cay. Again, they are located on “Leaf” Cay. The tour boats love this area as well.

It happened again! The evening of Feb 17th at sunset, we saw a horizontal “green flash!” Am hoping we will see another one when our friends are here!

The winds died down. Had over 90% humidity in the boat again. Yep, Angie had to do another wipe down with bleach on the vinyl headliners. This weekly occurrence is getting tiresome, but it is getting easier with the overhead movement, so at least that is a good thing.

We thought we had a pretty good itinerary with options  and menu planned. So, time to make it happen.

Mean Kitty Cannot Wait
Mean Kitty Cannot Wait

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