Black Cay-Hamlet Cay-Black Cay, Exumas – Back to Black, Again


Feb 14, 2016

Well, we had to find another hiding place for weather rolling in. Originally, on Sunday, we were going to be dockside at Emerald Bay Marina to wait out the storm and winds clocking around. However, we were afraid that we would get stuck there, possibly 3-5 days after our friends arrive later in the week. THAT, would pretty much ruin the whole vacation we were trying to plan out for them.

So, the next option was to hide out at Hamlet Cay. The guidebooks say it is the best protected anchorage in the area. We hauled anchor and left at high tide due to very shallow areas we were transversing, hoping to get there before any other boats. We are not sure what the guides were thinking, but we decided it would be better back at Black Cay. At least we knew our anchor would hold there, and there was definitely more N-NE-E wind protection, maybe a bit from the S too.

So, we reanchored at Black Cay again, and decided to go BACK to Exuma Point Restaurant for their Valentines Day Buffet for $25. It was well worth it, eventhough, it was a very wet and lumpy dinghy ride home.

Exuma Point Restaurant Bar and Grille
Exuma Point Restaurant Bar and Grille

Why do we like their food so much?  It is made with love, mon!  And, every meal on Uno Mas starts with these things having to be removed….

smokey removal before every meal bloggy


The winds escalated, and Angie had a very rest less night along with needing more Bonine.

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