Black Cay-Exuma Point Restaurant-Lee Stocking Island, Exumas

Feb 20-21, 2016

We took everyone over to the little palm beach on Black Cay. This is the first time our dinghy had 4 people in it. It didn’t sink, so all is good! We hiked over to the Atlantic Beach side which was strewn with plastic garbage, as usual for Atlantic beaches. We checked out the construction site at the top of the hill. They are hand mixing and pouring concrete for the floor. It looks like foundation and underground are all in.  Construction is definitely slow here in the islands, especially with no power!

We had a nice beach set up with tasty beverages and checked out over a dozen hermit crabs mass exit a coconut.   Quite something to see.

We hauled anchor and hightailed it back to Elvis’ to pay for the van rental and also have the lunch buffet. The fish was extraordinary!

We had to leave by 4 pm to make the high tides, to get up to Lee Stocking Island. We anchored up at 4:15, so Angie thought that was pretty good. We are still trying to figure out how to do all of our normal stuff with 2 more people on the boat. It is weird. We are so used to doing our ‘thing” and not having anyone else around except the cats to “talk” to. Am sure these routines seem foreign to our friends as well. But, with the good music mixes provided, a few tasty beverages, some good friends, and all is good!

cleaned up pfd lsi

Since Marcy helped us name Uno Mas, the goal of the trip is to come up with a name for our tender….The contest begins!

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