Barreterre – “Sonjare” Cay (aka Blow Hole) Exumas

Feb 10, 2016

sitting at blow

We decided to move across the way and check out more places to visit with our friends. The blow hole beach is just as spectacular as it sounds. A nice blow hole shoots water spouts throughout the day. Sonjare anchored in front of it last year.  The cay does not have an official name, so Angie decided Sonjare Cay would do.  We anchored just in front of it. We had the place all to ourselves, until another boat shows up and anchors. Then, 4-5 tourist boats zoom by and drop 30 people on the beach. It was actually quite comical to watch all of these people try to have their “private” moment and photo op. The tourists left and so did the other catamaran. We had the place to ourselves and listened to the blow hole spouting throughout the night.

The blow

We dinghied to Boysie Cay, next to Sonjare Cay and found good shelling and beaches, and low vegetation. You could actually hike around a bit.

We also went back to Square Rock. Mark checked out the snorkeling around the rock and the sunken ship off the point. The mast is no longer sticking out of the water like it was last year.

tourists everywhere blow

Mean Kitty Chilling at the Blow Hole
Mean Kitty Chilling at the Blow Hole

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