Allen’s Cay-Highbourne Cay, Exumas

Jan 30, 2016

Angie had a cleaning burr to deal with in the morning. Mold is showing up everywhere. She bleached the ceilings in the starboard hull. Mark helped with the overhead work. It completely wipes Angie out.

the view highbourne seafood pizza highbourne

We went to Highbourne Cay, hoping to get our Bahama phone and Hot Spot working. No luck. However, we did have a nice seafood pizza with a lovely view. There were sharks (Nurse sharks) hanging out at the marina entrance. They seem to be well fed. We also saw two Eagle Rays inside while we were docking. It just amazes us, the clarity of the marina waters in the Bahamas. The island is private. You can pay $5 each to walk on their “beach” and trash is $5 per bag for the first two, then $25 each thereafter. We will wait until Staniel to ditch the trash. We had to buy a couple of onions. The entire bag we bought a week ago went bad already. The cheesy pizza put Angie in a food coma, but Mark worked on our sliding door (A constant pain to deal with) and transferred fuel. We dinghy drift snorkeled the cut North of Highbourne, twice. It was Good!

Now that we seem to be getting on our way, we are trying to figure out what islands to go to before we have to meet up with friends on Great Exuma. We have about 2 weeks where we can take some time and enjoy this thing that we are doing.

highbourne sunset

The anchorage went from 2 boats to 15 at night. Time to move on.

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