Well, we have done it again….Colorado to Florida

Finding our Kicks....
Finding our Kicks….

We hightailed it to Florida, via Kingman, Arizona, Roswell, New Mexico and New Orleans at the end of October.  We barely got out of Colorado before the snow started flying.

Kingman, Arizona is where our ultrasound doctor is now located.  Dr Mary Blakely used to be in Steamboat Springs, but has “retired” now to Arizona, but still doing her full body scans, for a very reasonable cost, for us people who are still “self pay”  and fed up with the current medical system. She now has a very cool tool, non-invasive that can check for cancer cells throughout the body through her ultrasound machine. China is the forerunner in this technology.  The US, is still very far behind.

On a good note, Angie is right on schedule for the healing of her 6 broken ribs, Grade 4-5 liver laceration and other internal injuries from her June motorcycle crash.  For some reason though, a few of the ribs are not healing as well as the others.  Probably because Angie does not do “sitting still and doing nothing” very well.

Yep, a $300 ultrasound checked everything out, versus a $9000 ct-scan, not covered by medical insurance.  Why? The old catastrophic insurance would not cover the ct-scan because it was not part of the original hospital stay. It is considered outpatient, and not covered. THAT insurance company dropped us Nov 1.  Obamacare open enrollment didn’t start until Nov 15, with coverage starting the earliest on Dec 1.  So, we had to get “gap” insurance, which also does not cover pre-existing conditions.  So, we were on our own, once again, looking for a more cost effective way to have testing done, without breaking the bank.  We need to be living in Mexico.

Alien Visitor Parking
Alien Visitor Parking

While heading to Florida this time, we decided to stop by Roswell, New Mexico.  Angie’s great uncle was the FBI agent sent there during the “alien crash” era.  Roswell was a surprise, in the middle of no where.  The museum was interesting and the archive library was impressive. Most fascinating was overhearing the other tourists tell their stories to the people with them.  Did it really happen?  Have we been visited by other life forms? Have people been abducted? The questions are still unanswered, but there are definitely people who believe both sides. We looked for pictures of Uncle Guy, but didn’t find anything.

Angie drank the Kool-aid and bought 2 tablespoons of “official alien crash site dirt” for $4.95. Why? Why not? Can’t help myself. I like rocks and dirt. I like to collect sand from all of the beaches. I am definitely Grandpa Hobbs’ granddaughter.

Not That we Would, but Love that we Could.... Buy a Gallon of Daquiris on a Sunday in a Drive Thru, for less than $20
Not That we Would, but Love that we Could…. Buy a Gallon of Daquiris on a Sunday in a Drive Thru, for less than $20
Sunset at the RV Park
Sunset at the RV Park
Oyster Po Boy
Oyster Po Boy

LOVE NOLA! The food, the history, the architecture, the music.  Mark even got to sing some ’60’s R&B at a local ’64-65 class reunion being held at the rv park/marina we were staying at, and Angie, once again, demonstrated that she has absolutely no rhythm.

Unfortunately, our TireMinder system failed, and we lost 3 trailer tires and a couple of rims between New Orleans and St. Augustine.  Isn’t that technology for you? Fails you when you most need it. How is that going to play out, with all of the new electrical systems on the boat???  We shall see.  Angie still has to learn how to use a sextant and new paper charts just seem to APPEAR.  (Angie blames it on aliens.)

Angie's Fault---It Ususally Is
Angie’s Fault—It Usually Is

















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