Mangrove Cay, Bahamas – Saying Good Bye


May 11

Well, this is our official jumping off place to cross the Gulf Stream!  We had a great day sailing under the Code Zero all of the way (another 5.5 hrs).  Angie used the entire time to organize photos of our times with Sonjare to give them a USB drive.

Mangrove Cay did not offer much to explore by way of beaches, so the plan was to get settled, prep for the crossing,  try to get SOME sleep, and leave at midnight. We need to be in Florida,  protected in the ICW, before 4 pm thunderstorms rolled in. Sonjare is heading to Lake Worth/Palm Beach area, and we are heading to Ft Pierce to check in with customs.  We would part ways after getting through the Memory Rock area sometime in the very early morning hours.

Mangrove Cay
Mangrove Cay
Mangrove Cay Upclose
Mangrove Cay Upclose

Angie prepared snacks for while underway and organizing all of our “worse case scenario gear” and Mark worked on battening everything down snug.  Angie was a bit anxious due to the facts that (1) the last time we crossed back to the USA, we ended up in Tropical Storm Beryl in 2012 in the middle of the Gulf Stream. (2) There has already been 1 tropical storm (Anna) that has formed in the Bahamas. (3) What were the chances we would be caught in another Tropical Storm, the second one of the season, to be named with a “B” again??? HMM???

The snackage
The snackage

We had our last sundowners with Sonjare that evening, which was bittersweet.   We were excited to get back to the USA, Carmelo’s Pizza in St Augustine, and road tripping it to New Orleans (oysters and crawfish, oh my), but it was sad knowing our sailing adventure was coming to an end.  Plus, you never know when you will meet up again with the people you connect with.  “Parting is such sweet sorrow” is so true.  We always say good bye with a “see you later” or “until next time” because it always feels like you will definitely see them again.  That is how it is with our friends, Chad and Wendy on Beguile/Pegasus, Andy and Carole on Ob La Di and Dave on Cross Seas. It felt that way with Lynda and Phil on Manjack as well.  Saying good bye is never easy.

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